Renting quarter of Nokia in Finland is only one stage in Huawei's plan to become a well-liked mobile phone manufacturer. Producing speedy quad-core smartphones like Ascend D1 is another. When issued in February, Ascend D1 seemed to be the speediest cell in the marketplace. But, the postponed shipping moment formed by lacking of raw material has changed Ascend D1 a follow-up in quad-core cell industry. Even though at the present time, Ascend D1 is not the unique choice in quad-core cell phone sector, it turns out to be absolutely a well-liked one. When it comes to software, Ascend D1 gets strong assistance from Android market as an Android 4.0 powered gadget. When it pertains to hardware, Ascend D1 is actually second to none.

Receiving a 4.5-inch IPS LCD display owning a resolution of 1080p, Ascend D1 wins over some other quad-core smartphones like Galaxy S3 in pixel density. The 8-megapixel rear end camcorder owning editible features, the 1.5GHz quad-core processor, the 1670mAh battery pack delivering long-hour talk time and the integrated storage space of 16GB has turned Ascend D1 a most desirable mobile phone in the world. What's more, Ascend D1 is sold for a fairly low price tag, making it the finest choice for iPhone 5 as Christmas gift. Nevertheless, Ascend D1 are not able to be employed as a Flash scanner.

Why can't users play Flash on Ascend D1? Removed compatibility with Flash Player is definitely one reason and also the deficiency of great Flash Player alternative is a second. But, it turns out to be a tricky endeavor to aid customers watch Flash on Ascend D1. The direct method is to aid consumers install Adobe Flash Player for Ascend D1. An excellent one can be to assist consumers switch Flash to film for Ascend D1 . Consequently, two ways will be supplied using which consumers can enjoy Flash SWF on Ascend D1 freely.

The First Method: Mount Adobe Flash Player on Ascend D1

If one is allowed to install Adobe Flash Player in Ascend D1, he is able to effortlessly watch Flash movie on Ascend D1. Rather than deleting the support of Adobe Player to Ice Cream Sandwich device, the retreat of Adobe Player on August 15, 2012 exclusively causes it challenging for Ascend D1 buyers to obtain similar Adobe Player resources. That's to say, once customers can easily discover the appropriate resource, he can easily watch Flash SWF on Ascend D1 using installed Adobe Player. Yet, this specific process is only feasible for consumers using Android products runing operating systems from Android 2.3 to Android 4.0. To discover the sources of corresponding mobile Adobe Flash Player, consumers can easily type in "Flash Payer archive" in Google and after that opt for the correct Adobe Flash Player in this particular site. Immediately after saving the APK document, Ascend D1 may come to be a powerhouse for Flash enjoyment.

The Second Method: Transfer Flash to Ascend D1 film

For Ascend D1 consumers who feel the first tactic challenging or who have modified the items to Android 4.2, they are able to solve the trouble of enjoying SWF on Ascend D1 by converting Flash to Ascend D1 converter. Nevertheless, prior to the alteration is completed, an amazing Flash to Ascend D1 conversion application is crucial. Consequently, users can easily make use of a powerful Flash to Ascend D1 film device known as Moyea SWF to MP4 Converter.

The First Step: Get and also install Moyea SWF to MP4 Converter, which happens to be utilized to aid consumers perform Flash movie on Ascend D1.

The Second Step: Wide open the conversion application and after that add the Flash file with "Browser…" key in "Input" tab. "From Fold" alternative is for importing offline Flash animation while "From URL" is applied to change online Flash to Ascend D1 film.

Step Three: Whilst MP4 film is supported by Ascend D1, customers have to transform the Flash movie to MP4 film. Consequently, mouse click "Export" tab, verify "Video" box and after that set the ouput video format as MP4 in the drop-down list of "Profile".

The Fourth Step: Click on "Settings" key in the "Export" tab to get into Profile panel where different film parameters rest. And then transform the Flash to a good Ascend D1 film by defining the video size of the ouput video as "1280X720" and also video codec as "H.264".

Step 5: Right after all the measures, press "Convert" tab to enter into corresponding panel. Then commence to turn Flash to Ascend D1 film using "Play and Capture" and "Finish" buttons. After the transformation halts, users can enjoy SWF on Ascend D1 freely.