Like it has promised, Nokia Company had shocked the smartphone sector utilizing its newest Lumia cell phone, . Furnished with dual-core processor chip, big screen acquiring a screen resolution of "1280x768", wonderful back camera and also Long-lasting battery, Nokia Lumia 920 is no less impressive than Android based phones like Samsung Galaxy S3. What's more, powered by Windows OS, Nokia Lumia 920 can make use of popular programs like PowerPoint 2010.

How come will anyone hope to play PowerPoint presentation on Nokia Lumia 920? There are many benefits of taking pleasure in PowerPoint utilizing Nokia Lumia 920. To begin with, by viewing your beloved PowerPoint using Nokia Lumia 920, you are allowed to play it before your good friends effortlessly. The other point is, the moment you are able to watch PowerPoint on Nokia Lumia 920, you can choose your time for the reason that no matter when you desire to play it, you find out the PPT file is right there for you. Therefore, precisely how are you able to play PowerPoint presentation on Nokia Lumia 920? In this article, two practices are provided.

Method I: View PowerPoint file utilizing Microsoft Office

Tailored just as an impressive OS compatible with phones as well as tablet computers, Windows 8 receives the mission to bring in a brand new time where the coordination of phone operating system and even computer OS takes place. In other words, Microsoft attempts to turn Windows 8 phones like Nokia Lumia 920 as effective as Windows 8 device like Surface.

Therefore, fans can play PowerPoint on Nokia Lumia 920 easily after installing Microsoft Office Mobile Moreover, in theory, Nokia Lumia 920 users will acquire equally the identical experience as computer fans on viewing PowerPoint.

The Second Method: Convert PowerPoint for Nokia Lumia 920

Many Nokia Lumia 920 end users continue to find it weird to run PowerPoint with a keyboard-free product which they get used to run utilizing mouse. As a result, a much more relaxing way for them to get pleasure from PowerPoint with the help of Nokia Lumia 920 is to switch PowerPoint presentation to Nokia Lumia 920 movie. Naturally, animated effects and the content aren't going to be affected during the conversion.

Step 1: Get and install Moyea PPT to Video Converter, a strong PowerPoint to Nokia Lumia 920 conversion application.

Step 2: Open the convsersion app and next mouse click "Add" icon to add the PowerPoint for extra polishing.

Step Three: Since MP4 file is accessible to Nokia Lumia 920, switch the PowerPoint presentation to MP4 movie for Nokia Lumia 920 in the drop-down list of "Profile".

Step 4: To make sure that Nokia Lumia 920 happens to be acquireable to the changed PowerPoint, fix the output movie for Nokia Lumia 920. Mouse click "Settings" button to enter Profile panel and next fix the video dimension as "1280x768" and even audio codec as "AAC".

Step Five: Mouse click "Start" button to begin the alteration from PowerPoint file to MP4 for Nokia Lumia 920. Once the conversion halts, one can view the PowerPoint on Nokia Lumia 920 easily.