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HTC One, equally recognized as HTC M7, is actually the latest symbolic cell phone created by HTC introduced in Feburary. Deemed just as an amazing device that provides blueprint for modern cellphones, HTC M7 gains all sorts of praising words and applauses in this field. Nonetheless, bearing high goals to minus the market gaps among HTC phones and additionally Galaxy mobiles, HTC M7 is currently facing a crossroad. Heading in direction of the right way, HTC One turns out to be a best cell of all time. Otherwise, it may meet the similar fortune of One X who step by step dropped from a market hit to a mediocre gadget. Generally speaking, after making full use of first-rate parts and incentive features, HTC One surprises the society with outstanding attributes. Right here a few of the characteristics are shown below.

Speedy CPU: The quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor chip in HTC One turns out to be the latest CPU chip presented in January 2013. It is 40% speedier than the Snapdragon S4 Pro. It is actually amongst the greatest processor chips a cell can obtain so far.

Beast Screen: It truly is not a surprising matter that HTC One can own a 4.7-inch display screen running at 1920x1080. What precisely amazes buyers is the pixel thickness of HTC One. After employing SoLux technologies in its display screen, HTC One can easily obtain great image quality and 468 ppi.

Ultrapixel: The camcorder that utilizes Ultrapixel technologies is the most impressive element of HTC One. When capturing photos, the cell phone will certainly take full advantages of the existing pixel layers in the camera to make excellent and good-quality photographs. Therefore, though the cell phone solely gains a 4-megapxiel rear end camera, it even works much better than the 8-megapxiel video camera of iPhone 5.

Boom Sound: HTC One's Boom Sound is supplied by the front dual speakers that are actually both attached with Beast Audio technologies. It is said the Boom Sound has gotten HTC One a cellphone having the loudest sound.

HTC Blink Feed: To ensure the phone can run as smoothly as possible, HTC One runs Jelly Bean and the most up-to-date HTC Sense 5 UI. Seeing as an crucial feature of Sense 5, HTC Blink Feed permits users to view social feeds and more than 1,400 information feeds all in one location.

In What Way Can You Perform PowerPoint on HTC One?

Generally speaking, HTC One stands out among other cellphones for its great performance and revolutionary design. Nonetheless, heavily concentrating on amusing functions, HTC One is not able to perform as a great working tool as BlackBerry Z10 does. As an illustration, when buyers can easily watch PPT on BlackBerry Z10 using inserted PowerPoint scanner, they may find no accesses to view PPT on HTC One. Therefore, do you have any solutions to watch PowerPoint on HTC One?

At the moment, customers are usually granted to enjoy PPT on HTC One by releasing third-party apps from Google Play or by converting PowerPoint to HTC M7 film. The conversion process from PPT to HTC One movie is more recommended due to the fact it can retain the animated effects of the PPT file. Needless to say, to handle the conversion process, an impressive PowerPoint to HTC M7 convsersion program such as Moyea PPT to Video Converter is desired.

The First Step: Launch Moyea PPT to Video Converter, a program created as a PPT to HTC One convsersion app. Open it and next just click "Add" button to input the PowerPoint for conversion process.

Step 2: Opt for the output folder as MP4 film in the menu of "Profile". To ensure that end users can watch the changed PPT on HTC One, just click "Settings" button and then arrange the video dimension of the MP4 movie as "1920x1080" and audio codec as "AAC". After that, just click "Start" button to begin the conversion procedure from PowerPoint to HTC One movie.