Seeing as an extra noted Korean-based smartphone designer, LG is drawing boosting notice around the world right after getting the smartphone niche a number of market hits. Following the great achievement of LG Optimus mobile, LG again unveiled the most recent Nexus cell referred to as LG Nexus 4. Seeing as the latest LG smartphone tailored to take the place of Samsung Galaxy S3 as the fresh flagship of Android cell, Nexus 4 gets a large-size display running at 1280x768, quad-core S4 CPU, high-quality rear end digital camera, integrated 16GB storage space, 2100mAh power supply and NFC compatibility. In addition, seeing as an Jelly Bean-structured device, Nexus 4 Mobile is actually authorized to take full advantages of the newest Android applications.

"Precisely how am I allowed to enjoy Flash on Nexus 4 Mobile?" Great multimedia device as it happens to be, LG Nexus 4 fails to attain effortless access to Adobe Flash Player. In other words, customers really realize that it happens to be difficult to enjoy Flash movie on LG Nexus 4. To begin with, LG Nexus 4 is not contained in the supporting list of Adobe Flash Player seeing as a Jelly Bean unit; moreover, you can find no equivalent programs to assist users view Flash file on Nexus 4 Mobile. Nevertheless, while Flash is practicing a crucial role in individual's daily pleasure, a strategy to enjoy Flash movie on Nexus 4 Mobile turns ouf to be tremendously wanted.

In reality, a manageable way to afford it is actually to convert Flash SWF for LG Nexus 4. Nevertheless, the process won't guide customers to view Flash movie utilizing LG Nexus 4 till they have acquired a powerful SWF for Nexus 4 convsersion app. Therefore, Windows buyers may turn to Moyea SWF to MP4 Converter to convert Flash to LG Nexus 4 video.

Step 1: Save and even launch Moyea SWF to MP4 Converter, a strong application crafted to deal with the conversion from Flash SWF to LG Nexus 4 video.

Step 2: Add Flash document. Open up the convsersion app, go for "Input" tab and after that click on "Browser" button. Next add local Flash file utilizing "From Folder" option in the drop-down list or internet-based Flash movie such as YouTube video utilizing "From URL" option for further more conversion.

Step Three: Arrange output video. To make sure customers can have fun with the modified Flash file along with LG Nexus 4, one is needed to. As a result, click on "Export" tab, choose "Video" box and after that set output video as MP4 video for LG Nexus 4 .

Step 4: Set LG Nexus 4 video. Mouse click "Export" tab and after that just click "Settings" option to get into Profile screen where different video boundaries tend to be provided. And then convert Flash SWF to a decent LG Nexus 4 video together with these parameters. For example, set video dimension as "1280x768" and even audio codec as "AAC" for LG Nexus 4 .

Step Five: Start the change. Subsequent to all of the ways, click on Convert tab to get to matching screen where one is able to commence the practice of transforming Flash for LG Nexus 4 together with "Play and Capture" and then "Finish" buttons. In the event that the alteration accomplishes, customers are able to enjoy Flash SWF on LG Nexus 4 widely.


1. To convert Flash movie to images for LG Nexus 4 , just click "Export" tab, choose "Image series" box and after that set the output document as JPG images, BMP images or PNG images in the drop-down list of "Style".

2. To import several Flash files for transformation at the same time, opt for "Input" tab and after that just click "Switch to batch mode" option. Then customers are permitted to import Flash files in batch mode.