Just after seeing the fantastic accomplishment of Samsung cell phones including Samsung Galaxy S2 as well as Galaxy Note 2 in mobile phone sector, LG, one more Korean vendor, eventually introduced its most advanced item, LG Optimus G, which developed into a genuine surprise in the industry. Seeing as a mobile tailored to vie Samsung cell phones, the latest LG mobile gains 4.7-inch IPS display obtaining a resolution of "1280x768", multi-core processor, 4G connectivity, NFC accessibility, excellent back camera and then high-quality battery. Comparing to the cell phones also released in September, Optimus G does better in digital camera than Nokia Lumia 920 and then in NFC support when compared with the new Apple mobile.

"Why I can't pay attention to SWF file along with LG Optimus G?" Seeing as an impressive media device, The latest LG mobile finds it hard to add Flash file to its accessibility collection. To begin with, the LG mobile can't get access to Aodbe Flash immediately after its quitting from Android market; for the other hand, Optimus G is in fact too embarrassed to increase support to a endangering program like Adobe Flash Player. Hence, it happens to be nearly just a talk to watch Flash straightaway on Optimus G. Buyers must discover a way to transfer SWF file for Optimus G the moment they want to see Flash SWF together with the most recent LG cell phone.

a potential strategy to afford it is to transfer Flash file to Optimus G film. However, the conversion solely functions as soon as one may easily find a impressive Flash SWF for LG Optimus G conversion software. To this extent, Mac owners are able to make reference to SWF Converter Mac to transfer Flash SWF to Optimus G file while Windows owners to Moyea SWF to MP4 Converter.

Step 1: Save and even install Moyea SWF to MP4 Converter, a strong device to manage the conversion process from SWF file to MP4 film.

The Second Step: the Flash SWF. Please click "Browse…" key and next select "From Folder" choice to input the Flash SWF file for deeper alteration.

The Third Step: Specify the output video. To guarantee people may indulge in converted Flash together with Optimus G, transforming the Flash file to MP4 video. For that reason, please click "Export" tab, choose "Video" box and then establish the output video as MP4 file for The latest LG mobile in the list of "Style".

The Fourth Step: Set MP4 film. Please click "Settings" icon in the screen to enter into Profile panel where various video factors are provided. Later set the MP4 file as an excellent Optimus G film together with these factors via this specific Flash SWF for Optimus G conversion software. For example, fix the video measurement as "1168x640" and audio codec as "AAC".

The Fifth Step: Initiate the conversion process. Immediately after the measures, mouse click Convert switch to enter into corresponding board and please click "Play and Capture" to start playing. Whenever the Flash computer file halts, click on "Finish" switch to initiate the conversion process from Flash SWF to Optimus G video. Just after the conversion process, buyers can view SWF file on Optimus G freely.


1. To alter SWF file to pictures for The latest LG mobile, click on "Export" tab, select, "Image series" box and set the output files as BMP, JPG, GIF or TIFF photos. Just after the alteration, the Flash film will likely be converted to photos for the latest LG mobile.

2. To transfer several Flash computer files for Optimus G, opt for "Input" tab and click on "Switch to batch mode" press button. Afterward, one can easily not just input many SWF files simultaneously but also transfer these Flash data files immediately.