While the fight of Windows 8 cell phones is definitely growing to be harsh, the fight of Windows 8 PC commences along with the relieve of the latest Lenovo tablet, a fabulous Windows system tablet computer. Just as the latest tablet computer using Windows 8 after Samsung Windows 8 tablet, the latest Lenovo tablet endeavors to acquire its location in a tablet computer segment dictated by Android tablets as well as iPad line. Actually the Lenovo Windows 8 tablet happens to be as powerful as Windows Surface or maybe the latest Amazon tablet device.

Using substantial targets to turned out to be the leader of Windows 8 tablet computer, ThinkPad Tablet 2 is definitely built with 10.1-inch display obtaining a resolution of 1366x768, 8-megapixel digital camera, amazing front facer, 4G support, 10-hour battery power and Intel CPU. With large-size display along with long-lasting battery power, this amazing Windows 8 tablet seems an recommended device for watching films. Yet, owing to its unique limitations, end users know that it truly is challenging to play movies like DVD on newest ThinkPad device.

This really is a stressful challenge to get pleasure from DVD using ThinkPad Tablet 2. To begin with, the lack of DVD reader in structure makes it impossible to access DVD together with ThinkPad Tablet 2 directly; the other point is, there exists no utilities to support owners to get pleasure from DVD together with the latest Lenovo tablet. The simply achievable approach to finish it seems to be transforming DVD file to ThinkPad Tab 2 video. Still, the conversion process merely happens each time one can certainly obtain an impressive video for Lenovo device convsersion program. Hence, Windows owners may refer to DVD Ripper whilst Mac consumers to DVD Ripper for Mac.

The First Step: Download and then launch DVD Ripper, a strong application made as a DVD for ThinkPad Table 2 convsersion program.

Step 2: Input the DVD. Press "File" switch and next select "Load DVD" solution to import the DVD file for further polishing.

Step Three: To ensure end users can easily enjoy turned DVD with The new Lenovo tablet, transforming the DVD data file to MP4 video. Thus, set the output file as a MP4 video for the New ThinkPad device in the list of "Profile".

Step 4: Just click "Settings" icon resting next to Profile bar to get into Settings board in which a variety of video variables tend to be given. After that specify the MP4 video a excellent Lenovo device data file together with this amazing DVD to MP4 convsersion program. As an example, arrange video dimension as "1366x768" plus audio codec as "AAC".

The Fifth Step: Edit the MP4 video. Press "Edit" icon to enter Video Edit board where a number of polishing characteristics are usually supplied. Then modify the MP4 video using these functions provided. By way of example, arrange the video length of time together with "Trim" tab, remove the black difference together with "Crop" tab, fix video effects together with "Effect" tab and specify watermark along with "Watermark" tab.

The Sixth Step: Start the conversion process. Right after all the measures, mouse click Convert switch to start the alteration process right from DVD to MP4. When the conversion ends, one can take pleasure in the DVD documents together with the first Lenovo Windows 8 tablet computer widely.


1. To convert the 2D video to 3D videos, adhere to these guidelines. Please click "3D Settings" icon to enter identical board where different 3D effects tend to be supplied. Select one 3D effect and next adjust 3D depth together with affiliated bar in the board.

2. To transfer numerous DVD data files for ThinkPad Tablet 2, find them all and then select "Merge" icon in the list of "Edit". Just as the alteration halts, these DVD files are going to be turned to an integrated MP4 film for the first Lenovo Windows 8 tablet.