With the help of the increasing need for Windows 8 operating system, increasingly more Windows 8 telephones will probably flood into mobile phone sector in the foreseeable future. But, previous to that, users must get back to the real world where just several Windows 8 cell phones are usually provided for selection. The good news is, Lumia 822 happens to be one in all such readily attainable Windows 8 cell phones. As one of many most current Windows 8 tablet PC provided by cell producer Nokia, Lumia 822 sports 4.3-inch AMOLED display with image resolution of "800x480", powerful processor chip, high-pixel back camcorder, inserted 16GB memory space and long-lasting electric battery. Less powerful compared to Lumia 920 cellphone as it is, Lumia 822 remains to be a favored choice in Windows 8 sector. With the help of a phone operating system which is theoretically with equal power of its computer counterpart plus a large-size display screen, Lumia 822 happens to be a great video-enjoying application.

"How can I Perform Flash file on Lumia 822?" After Microsoft Inco has included accessibility to Adobe Flash in Windows 8, viewing Flash file on Lumia 822 shall come to be not difficult. But, this turns out to be not the fact for Lumia 822 or even any other Windows 8 phone. In actual fact, it is that customers may watch Flash file with Lumia 822 without restraint. On the one hand, Windows 8 mainly permits customers to have fun with Flash files on such websites trusted by Microsoft; for another, there are no powerful Adobe Flash Player solutions in cellular market to help users to Flash on Lumia 822 effortlessly. Still, since Flash is usually employed in spheres like Internet-based movie enjoyment and Internet-based gaming, users desire to find out a technique to enjoy Flash using Lumia 822 easily.

A realistic way to manage it is actually to switch Flash movie for Lumia 822. Nevertheless, the conversion process just works once buyers have found an impressive Flash SWF for Lumia 822. Hence, Windows users can refer to Moyea SWF to MP4 Converter to convert Flash video to Lumia 822 movie while Mac users to SWF Converter Mac.

Step One: Get and then release Moyea SWF to MP4 Converter, a device exclusively created to convert Flash to Lumia 822 video.

Step 2: Import the Flash movie. Open up the convsersion program, opt for "Input" tab and press "Browser…" button. Then buyers are allowed to import downloaded Flash SWF for conversion process along with "From Folder" option in the menu or simply convert Internet-based Flash like YouTube movie with "From URL" option in the menu.

Step Three: Specify the output data file. In an attempt to ensure that they are able to perform altered Flash file on Lumia 822 , end users need to convert the Flash to MP4 movie. Therefore, select "Export" tab, check "Video" box and next arrange the output document as "MP4" movie for Lumia 822 in the menu of "Style".

Step 4: Set the Lumia 822movie. Choose "Export" tab and next click "Settings" option to enter into Profile screen where various video boundaries are capable of being customized. And then turn the SWF file to a good Lumia 822 movie with those factors. To illustrate, arrange video size of the Lumia 822 video as "800x480" and then video codec as "MPEG4".

Step Five: Commence the conversion process. Soon after those guidelines, press "Convert" tab to get into equivalent screen and next begin the practice of switching Flash movie for Lumia 822 with "Play and Capture" and "Finish" buttons. After the conversion process stops, end users can easily perform the Flash SWF on Lumia 822 effortlessly.


1. To convert the Flash movie to pictures for Lumia 822, pick out "Export" tab, check "Image series" box and next arrange the output data file as JPG/PNG/BMP pictures in the menu of "Style".

2. To transfer Flash projector data file for Lumia 822, choose "Input" tab, click "Browser…" button and next opt for "Flash Projector" option in the menu.