In the foreseeable future, the match of Windows system devices can get to be tougher. At this time, Windows has grown to be one more well-liked alternative as tablet computer OS apart from iOS as well as Google Android. Just after the debut of Surface Tablet and also Lenovo Windows 8 tablet, Asus has introduced an extra Windows 8 tablet titled Asus Vivo Tab RT. As the primary Asus device installed with Windows RT, a stripped-down variation of new Microsoft product, Vivo Tab RT is simply equipped with 10.1-inch touch screen maintaining a resolution of 1366x768, excellent processor chip, 32GB storage area, 4G connectivity compatibility, inserted NFC plus 8-megapixel back video camera. As a consequence, the new Asus tablet happens to be favored in the market.

Using powerful chip, the Windows RT product assists consumers to indulge in 3D video games freely and by utilizing big screen, it provides consumers outstanding feeling on viewing video clips. Still, for those who wish to enjoy DVD file on Asus Vivo Tab RT, they are disappointed. To begin with, the latest Asus tablet happens to be a unit free of DVD drive; the other point is, there are actually no programs to assist consumers see DVD files using Vivo Tab RT instantly. How to enjoy DVD video on Asus Vivo Tab RT?

A prospective solution to handle it happens to be to alter DVD video for Vivo Tab RT. Yet, the alteration only functions when one is able to receive a impressive DVD for Vivo Tab RT convsersion app. Immediately following the alteration, the Windows RT application will access to the changed DVD documents simply. Thus, to handle the change from DVD movie to Asus Vivo Tab RT video, Windows consumers may refer to DVD Ripper.

Step One: Download and even release DVD Ripper, software precisely constructed as DVD video for Asus Vivo Tab RT convsersion app.

Step 2: Input DVD video. Open up the convsersion app, mouse click "File" hotlink and after that select "Load DVD" selection in the list to input the DVD movie for further editing.

Step Three: Choose output file format. To make sure owners may see the changed DVD together with Asus Vivo Tab RT, converting the DVD movie to MP4 video. Subsequently, arrange the output document a MP4 video for the Asus Vivo Tab RT in the drop-down list of "Profile".

Step 4: Set the MP4 video. Click on "Settings" option to enter into Settings screen where various video parameters tend to be provided. Later place the MP4 document a decent Vivo Tab RT video together with the variables provided. To illustrate, arrange the video measurement as "1366x768" and even audio codec as "AAC".

Step 5: Edit the MP4 document. Please click "Edit" icon to get into Video Edit screen where a variety of changing features are presented. And then edit the MP4 video utilizing this particular DVD to MP4 convsersion app. For instance, set the video span together with "Trim" tab.

Step Six: Start the alteration practice. Following all those measures, mouse click Convert option to initiate the alteration practice from DVD to Asus Vivo Tab RT video. As the transformation ends, one is able to play the changed DVD video on Asus Vivo Tab RT widely.


1. To alter 2D video to 3D file for the newest Asus gadget, clicking on "3D Settings" icon to enter into corresponding screen. And then go for a single 3D effect provided in the list and then modify 3D depth utilizing corresponding bar.

2. To alter multiple DVD movies for the very first Asus Windows 8 device, mouse click "Edit" icon and then opt for "Merge" selection in the list. As the conversion process terminates, those DVD movies are going to be altered to an integrated MP4 video for Asus Vivo Tab RT.