With flowers and cheers, the long-rumored iPhone 5 had at last thrown its mask. Just as the successor of iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 rightly clarifies to the economy the existing mood of Apple Inc: creativity as well as creation. In addition, iPhone 5 appropriately mixes charm, trend and vitality into an well-designed portion. Just as a device acquiring amazing monitor gaining the resolution of "1136x640", durable battery power, 4G network connectivity, powerful backside digicam plus rapid A6 CPU, iPhone 5 is additionally treasured for its attractive design and style ,the place where fashionable elements are allowed to be staying. Because of this iPhone 5 gets much more pros in the fight versus Galaxy S3 and Lumia 920 mobile.

With an iPhone 5, customers are able to take pleasure in the movie as well as the music but also shot wonderful pictures. As a consequence how about performing PowerPoint presentation on iPhone 5? However, watching PowerPoint file using iPhone 5 instantly and even faultlessly happens to be a fairly tale. Consequently, for such who are trying to see PowerPoint presentation using iPhone 5, they need to discover an option to help make PowerPoint presentation attainable to iPhone 5. As a consequence, a practicable path to manage it happens to be to to convert PowerPoint file to iPhone 5 movie.

But, this particular technique performs on the assumption that one is able to acquire an impressive PowerPoint file for iPhone 5 convsersion program, which can not only get seeing PowerPoint on iPhone 5 simply but also hold the primary animation effects immediately after the conversion.

Step 1: Obtain and also install Moyea PPT to Video Converter, a powerful tool solely made to turn PowerPoint presentation to iPhone 5 movie.

Step Two: Add the PowerPoint. Open up the convsersion program and next click on "Add" icon to input the PowerPoint file for further editing.

The Third Step: Establish the output movie. To make sure end users are allowed to take pleasure in the changed PowerPoint presentation along with iPhone 5 easily, converting the PowerPoint presentation to MP4 movie for iPhone 5. To be able to manage it, specify the output file as MP4 movie in the list of "Profile".

Step 4: Tailor-make output file. Considering that many video parameters seem to be presented for polishing in this PPT to MP4 convsersion app, get the changed PPT a dependable iPhone 5 movie. Simply click "Settings" button lying near to Profile bar to get into Profile panel where variables are usually presented. Then set the video measurement as "1136x640" and video codec as "H.264" for iPhone 5.

Step Five: Commence the change. Press Start switch to manage the conversion procedure starting from PowerPoint file to iPhone 5 movie. Just as the conversion halts, one can view PowerPoint on iPhone 5 without limitations.


1. To arranged the transition time of every PPT page, click "Customize" button to get into Customize: Settings panel. Later simply click "Presentation" tab and also select "Timing" tab to specify the transition time of slides.

2. To insert watermark logo to the altered movie, simply click "Customize" button to get into corresponding panel. After that opt for "Watermark" tab where one can input and even customize the watermark page.