PowerPoint is certainly a successful communicating instrument to show your thoughts adequately provided by charts, photos plus cartoon effects. The improvement of computer technologies has also assisted the scientific innovations of PowerPoint 2007.

By working with PowerPoint, you are able to not merely express feedbacks but in addition make album and watch video clip. You have the ability to insert videos into PowerPoint by mouse clicking "Video" symbol in "import" tab. Even so, providing that those videos tend to be restrained to quite a few video formats like avi, mpg, wmv, etc. If you wish to insert swf document to PowerPoint, you are required to obtain other ideas. This article will definitely demonstrate you two strategies to insert swf document into PowerPoint.

I. Method 1: Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro

On the grounds that PowerPoint can easily play a variety of video files straightly, you may just as well change the swf file to avi document. Later you are able to insert the video clips into PowerPoint 2007.

1. Acquire and next launch Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro.

2. Click "Browser" button, select "From Folder" alternative in the drop-down panel and after that add the swf document.

3. Click on "Export" tab and convert swf to avi in the list of "Style".

4. Pick "Convert" tab to get into a unique control panel. Click "Play and Capture" option. Right after the movie stops, the transformation coming from swf document to avi video shall be executed.

5. Get to the PowerPoint, please click "import" tab, pick "Movie" image in "Media Clips" region and then import the transformed avi video. Following that, the swf document is excellently added to PowerPoint.

II. Method Two: Shockwave Flash Object

1. Position the swf document and additionally the Powerpoint file in the same document file. This amazing action is certainly of outstanding necessity.

2. Right click the menu bar and additionally opt for "Customize Quick Access Toolbar" alternative.

3. Select "Develop Tab" in the list and then choose "More Controls" alternative.

4. Subsequently you will see "More Controls" image in the "Quick Access Toolbar", please click it and after that go for "Shockwave Flash Object" selection in the panel.

5. Modify the video dimension with the cross-figure cursor. Right click the picked out area and then opt for "Properties" alternative.

6. Type the name of the swf document in the "Movie" option in the user interface of "Properties".

7. Now the swf document is inserted into Microsoft PowerPoint for reviewing.

The more robust PowerPoint turns to be, the more advantages we receive. In the future, it's possible that the scientific enhancements of PowerPoint will surprise the country. Anyway, with those two approaches, you can import swf files into PowerPoint.