Lets assume you have just finished very first flash game, you desire to publish it to web-site to share with a great deal more persons, or earn money from it. You need to be aware that no matter you send the flash game in SWF format to your web-site or else several other sites it is not one thing dissimilar to visitors. They are able instantly down load the SWF flash game to their computer for playing future using Adobe Flash Player. Or even worse, some people take your ideas merely by invert compiling the SWF content to the origin code, so they will be able around whatever top secret of your tough working in no time at all. This is certainly a good reason how come there are numerous the same flash games on the web.

Macintosh laptop computer is definitely a nice workstation for individual designers to create SWF flash games due to its firmness and quick speed. To shield your own SWF documents from unwanted hands, there are a great tool for aid. Leawo SWF Encrypt for Mac is undoubtedly an easy-to-use program to encrypt and defend your SWF file types for risk-free submission. It obfuscates ActionScript to make SWF source code unreadable to even SWF decompilers and SWF decrypt tools. The result encrypted SWF files could be played with Adobe Flash Player quite as common.

Free download Leawo SWF Encrypt for Mac and install it on your Mac computer, then go through the listed below steps to encrypt your SWF types of files on Mac. If you're working on Windows OPERATING SYSTEM computer, you can turn to Leawo SWF Encrypt.

Step 1: Download and install this Mac SWF Encrypt tool on your computer. Function it and press " Add " icon or simply drag-and-drop to import origin SWF types of files for encryption.

Please notice that there are 2 different methods to import SWF files:

Add Relevant SWF file is for SWF files that have associations with one another, this option guarantees invocation after obfuscation.

Add Irrelevant SWF file is suitable for every other individual SWF files.

Whenever you imported SWF files, there will be a tag reveal whether the SWF file is encrypted or not. Only "Unprotected" SWF files can be encrypted using Leawo SWF Encrypt for Mac.

Step 2: Below the processing list section, you can choose encryption ways to encrypt SWF flash files. For each SWF encryption way, there is a diagram with description aside. This Mac SWF Encrypt support batch encryption and you could choose to apply one encryption setting to all SWF files or figure out certain encryption setting for every SWF file.

Step 3: In the "Output" frame, choose a folder on your computer to save the outcome obfuscated SWF files.

Step 4: Click the " Encrypt " icon to start the SWF encryption over the encryption ways you've chosen.


Protected or obfuscated SWF files could not be obfuscated again by this SWF Encrypt program.