If you don't wish your own SWF files to be stolen by other people and even post on a few websites else, claiming to be their own, you need to encrypt your own SWF file for protection before posting on-line. We will introduce a SWF obfuscator to help your protect your own SWF files.

Why we obfuscate SWF files not encrypt them with a security password tend to be:

1. We nonetheless have to post the outcome SWF files upon web, which is improbable for security password encrypted SWF files.

2. After the password protection is cracked, your own SWF files will be totally open to the hacker.

3. Obfuscate renames parameters, features etc. within a definite method and thus make the subsequent compilation out of the question.

Obviously the obfuscation guarded SWF files aren't 100% percent safe, but the tougher a thing would be to steal, the less chance there may be of it becoming stolen. Leawo SWF Encrypt is really a professional SWF obfuscator to help you easily obfuscate ActionScript Code to make the source code unreadable even to SWF Decompilers. If you're running on Mac OS X operating system, choose Leawo SWF Encrypt for Mac version.

Step 1: You will find two different ways to add SWF files to the program. Add irrelevant SWF files for common files and add relevant SWF files to ensure successful invocation of SWF files after encryption.

After you added SWF files, you will see a tag present if the SWF file is protected or not. Only "Unprotected" SWF files could be encrypted using Leawo SWF Encrypt.

Step 2: Choose the SWF encryption settings for each sing SWF file or apply the same setting to all the imported SWF files. For each SWF encryption way, there is a diagram with explanation aside.

Step 3: Set result folder in Output frame to save protect SWF flash files. Click on the correct bottom Encrypt button to start to encrypt SWF flash files upon the encryption ways you choose.


1. Safeguarded SWF files could not be encrypted once again using this SWF Encrypt program.

2. The encrypted SWF files could be played normally with Adobe Flash Player.

3. Since the Flash SWF encryption is nonreversible, so do remember to back up the initial SWF files.