With 4.7-inch display, high-performance chip and also HD rear digicam, HTC One X is certainly an example of the most in-demand android smartphones in the society. Banished in the United States for right infringements, HTC One X still possesses a achievable potential future. Besides, just as an android cell working with android 4.0, HTC One X may easily allow fans to enjoy 2012 London Paralympics online using equivalent software.

Seeing as 2012 London Paralympics is moving on, the competition for 2012 Paralympic medal is definitely growing white hot. Therefore, no one is undoubtedly ready to skip a particular 2012 London Paralympic match. With respect to HTC One X fans, they are also able to store 2012 London Paralympic competitions as SWF files for HTC One X if they own no time to observe the Paralympics or even as soon as they have used up their online data.

There exists two gains of recording 2012 Paralympic games as Flash files for HTC mobile. For one thing, HTC One X fans can certainly have far more versatile time to observe London Paralympics events; the other point is, fans will watch Flash on One X mobile perfectly in a number of means. For this reason, this unique post is likely to include two parts.

Part One: Capturing 2012 Paralympic matches as Flash

1. Download and release BB Flashback Pro, an impressive instrument to save desktop movie.

2. Open up BB Flashback Pro and after that capture Paralympic matches on the air together with it.

3. After the acquiring approach, mouse click "Flash" option to set the recorded 2012 Paralympic event as SWF file and after that simply click "OK" to handle the exporting process.

Part II: Viewing Flash on this HTC mobile

With ICE, HTC One X can certainly acess Adobe Flash Player. Therefore, you will find two ways to indulge in recorded Flash on HTC One X, using Adobe Flash for Android or via Flash to HTC One X converter.

1. Adobe Flash for Android

To observe SWF file on HTC One X definitely, just download as well as establish Adobe Flash for Android. Seeing as an tool especially intended for android phone, Adobe Flash APK is likely to assist HTC One X users to observe the recorded 2012 Paralympic events on the phone. Nonetheless, consumers may be unable to enjoy the SWF file smoothly on HTC One X when it happens to be a significant document.

2. Flash to One X mobile converting application

Because One X mobile accesses MP4 videos, mobile viewers may just as well convert SWF file to MP4 file for HTC One X. In this way, they may not simply have fun with the recorded 2012 Paralympic event easily but additionally watch them using full screen.

1). For Windows devices, save and also unveil SWF to MP4 Converter.

2). Import the recorded 2012 Paralympic event. Start it and go for "From Fold" solution in the drop-down list of "Browser…" to input the Flash file.

3). Alter SWF to MP4 for One X mobile. Click on "Export" tab, choose "Video" and after that set the output computer file as MP4 file in the menu of "Profile".

4). Customize MP4 file for One X mobile. Click on "Export" tab and after that opt for "Settings" switch to enter into Settings panel. Next set the video measurement as "1280x720" for One X mobile.

5). Following all the tips, select "Convert" tab and manage the alteration progression from SWF file to MP4 together with related keys.